About Me


Hello! My name is Joanne and I am the writer and photographer for the Dragon’s Picnic, a blog focused on whole-foods, plant-based eating.

During my lifetime, I have often felt scattered trying different things without finding a definitive direction. However, all these activities appear to have served their purpose and although it has taken over 50 years, all the interests I pursued during this time have now culminated in the creation of The Dragon’s Picnic

I am a writer, photographer and researcher and am also certified as a Reflexologist and volunteer as a lay counsellor providing one on one counselling and facilitating groups.  Although I do include some of my own creations, my blog is more of a collection of my favourites that I have gathered along the way from other sources. 

If I had to describe my goal in one word it would be “balance”. I believe that optimal health comes through synergy of all aspects of our life and that by finding balance in our eating and thinking, this will contribute to our own health and subsequently to the health of the planet. These days there is a lot of information out there and this blog is intended to capture some of the information I have found particularly useful about diet supplemented with some tasty recipes.

Feasting should be fun and with whole foods, plant-based eating, it has never been so easy to enjoy a variety of tasty food that is rich in nutrition!